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Superior Import Repair, Inc is an independent Subaru service, and repair facility. Superior Import Repair, Inc. and its staff are not affiliated, approved nor endorsed by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. or Subaru of America. Work performed is not guaranteed by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. or Subaru of America. Superior Import Repair, Inc is not authorized to do warranty work for Subaru of America. Go to to find a dealership near you.


Superior at Burnside


Superior Import Repair, You're Suby Specialist

635 E Burnside
Portland, Oregon
At the corner of
7th & Burnside

Open Monday - Friday
8 am to 5 pm

By Appointment Please

(503) 236-7759

Superior at Sandy Blvd.


We are Superior Import Repair

Family Potrait of Richie, Lisa, and Caitlyn Rose Richie and Rich Lawson founded Superior Import Repair on the belief that our years of Suby love combined with our decades of Subaru repair experience would create a superior repair shop that was built by and for Subaru enthusiasts. Our extensive personal collection includes several Subaru BRATs, including Rich's Turbo Brat, a rare '83 GLIO convertible, XT Coupes, Legacy Turbo Sedans and Wagons, and Lisa's Legacy GT.

Richie is the shop manager/service writer. He's been buying, selling, and working on Subaru's since he was sixteen. When things get especially crazy his wife, Lisa, helps out in the office. When not helping customers, the two perform regular maintence on their newly born Caitlyn Rose. Outside of their family, Lisa and Richie enjoy spending time in their backyard and on their Seadoo. Richie is a moderator on the Ultimate Subaru Message Board, and both he and Lisa help out with annual West Coast Subaru Show.

Rich has been working on Subarus since 1979. He is the lead mechanic/shop foreman. Rich enjoys working on his yard and his classic '66 Thunderbird. Rich also enjoys spending time with his four grandsons and two granddaughters.

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